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Available courses: English
Financial Literacy for Facilitators - Module 9 Consumerism (FL-EN-Mod9)
This module is all about spending safely and wisely. This can mean being a savvy spender and looking for the best deal, but is also about being safe with your money and being aware of potential frauds and scams.
Financial Empowerment Foundations (FE-EN-001)
This course helps frontline practitioners, advocates, and stakeholders understand the role that financial empowerment plays in expanding economic opportunity for people living in poverty.
Foundations of Access to Benefits (AB-EN-001)
This course will help you gain foundational knowledge to support financially vulnerable Canadians with access to benefits.
Financial Literacy for Facilitators (FL-EN-Self-Directed)
This course will prepare you with foundational financial literacy knowledge to deliver financial education within your community.
Available courses: French
Cours de l’éducation financière pour les animatrices et animateurs (FL-FR-Self-Directed)
Cette formation vous permettra d’acquérir des connaissances fondamentales en matière d’éducation financière afin de contribuer à l’éducation financière de votre communauté.
Bases de l’autonomisation financière (FE-FR-001)
Ce cours aide les praticiens, défenseurs et intervenants de première ligne à comprendre le rôle que l’autonomisation financière dans l’augmentation de perspectives économiques pour les gens vivant dans la pauvreté.
L’ABC pour faciliter l'accès aux mesures d'aide (AB-FR-001)
Ce cours permet aux intervenants de première ligne d’acquérir des notions de base pour aider les Canadiens et Canadiennes en situation de vulnérabilité financière à accéder aux mesures d'aide offertes.

What others are saying about Prosper Canada's Financial Literacy for Facilitators training:

"Excellent facilitator training course to educate those who wish to educate others on financial literacy. A lot of great information presented in a neat and organized way. Great facilitation tips throughout the training and great key takeaways.
Courtney, YMCA

" I was so happily surprised with the training! It was so relevant, up to date and easy to use. I myself am not great with financial topics and learned a ton."
Rylee, YWCA

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